ImplantClean Toothbrush


With its small, vertically-offset heads and single, 

short rows of bristles,


The Patented


fits where other toothbrushes cannot - for maximum access 

and cleanliness!

And, it's available in both SOFT and ULTRA-SOFT 

bristle varieties:

SOFT will penetrate farther   

and hold-up longer, under

bridges and prostheses.


recommended for single -

tooth implants.

And, while flossing can cause 

implant disease,

ImplantClean is implant SAFE!

ImplantClean under an implant-supported bridge

Reaches under bridges

ImplantClean under hybrid prosthesis

Reaches under implant-supported 

fixed dentures


   Reaches under the gumline - 


and peri-implant crevices, 


peri-implant diseases occur

to cleanse the gingival sulci

where periodontal and


U.S. Patent # D862,089; 

EU Patent No. 5522091-0001;

other Patents Pending