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The first and only brush engineered specifically for gums - in order to help the estimated 90% of adults and teens with gingivitis or periodontitis, because gum disease is linked to many life-threatening diseases.

The WUNDERBRUSH for GUMS   is the first and only brush engineered specifically for gums - to reach at and under all gumlines, 360 degrees around every tooth and dental implant, in order to help the estimated 90% of adults and teens with periodontal disease/gum disease - which includes gingivitis (mild) or periodontitis (moderate and severe) and those with peri-implant disease - which includes peri-implant mucositis (mild) and peri-implantitis (moderate and severe).  This is not only important for preventing bad breath, gum recession, and tooth and implant loss, but also because so many serious and even life-threatening diseases have now been determined to be associated with periodontal disease – including the likes of heart, lung, liver, and kidney diseases, diabetes, cancers, and, more recently, Alzheimer’s disease, and COVID-19 infection, (which is 9 times more fatal, in victims of periodontal disease).



  1. One single row of bristles - to laser-focus your efforts where they are needed most - at the gumlines, without other rows of bristles interfering with your efforts to get there; that's why we've nicknamed it "The MISSING IMPOSSIBLE Brush"!  Also, only one row of bristles could ever possibly fit under your gumline; multiple rows would block each other from getting in!

  2. Vertically-offset head – to overcome the “incisor impedance to sulcular brushing” for all back teeth, including those with gum recession and dental implants, since their gumlines are often located further away from the chewing surfaces, than those of natural teeth

  3. Only 5 tufts of bristles – to fit the tongue sides of all teeth - including the lower incisors, (given their narrow "archform"), with the entire row of bristles, rather than with just the “toe” of a conventional multi-row brush, which is all that fits and is difficult to accomplish

  4. 45 degree offset bristles (relative to the handle) – to properly guide the bristles under the gumlines, when the handle is held straight - in order to facilitate The Perfected Bass   Technique    of brushing

  5. Ultra-Soft bristles – to be gentlest on the gum tissues and to avoid abrading them away

  6. Cheek retraction – the offset head creates inevitable cheek retraction, so users can visually confirm that they’re targeting the right areas - on the cheek aspects of the back teeth

  7. Hollow handle – to reduce plastic volume and plastic pollution

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